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This song is starting to grow on me at first I felt she should have came out with something more traditional to show off her vocal ability’s  but now I think this song really works for her. In the video she is showing off her amazing new figure and the dude in the video is FINE!!! be sure to take a look at the video!! ( wasn’t her dress gorgeous I could have handled a little less cleavage but two thumbs up)


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This week’s throwback is by one of my favorite Hip Hop artist. In my opinion no one can touch him lyrically or creatively his name is Mos Def!!

Throwback song is: Umi Say

Make sure you check out this link to hear the throwback song of the week. It is still a dope song to this day and it was released in 1999 on his “Black on Both Sides” Album!! It reminds you of what good Hip Hop is! and it shows that it needs to be resurrected but I’ll save that for another post.

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Fashion definitely repeats itself and I am so thrilled that 30’s/40’s inspired looks are back . This Fall/Winter look for long trench coats and a more complete tailored look.  Menswear will also still be in style this year. Fashion is returning to a more classic look yet still very stylish and sexy.

Cant wait for the tempt to drop so I can rock my 30’s/40’s inspired attire!!