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When I fist heard this I was shocked. Like why say this when things are finally turning around for you? I don’t get it! 

I am a fan of Fantasia but that was not a good look for her it made her look like a Diva and not in a good way.

I’m not saying she should have went to the Grammys if she didn’t want too but she should not have called into 106 and Park to say she deserved to be on stage. Saying that over shadow the simple fact that she finally received her first Grammy. And she is in the running to actually play Aretha Franklin in a film but after her Grammy reaction she just basically handed Jennifer Hudson the role.

I can see how she felt snubbed because she is the American Idol and they asked Jennifer Instead of her. But Aretha Franklin is everybody idol they couldn’t put everybody on stage that idolizes her. She should have been mature about.

She could have even used the situation to promote her up coming film as Mahalia Jackson. By saying the reason she decided to stay home was because “she is trying to fully embody Mahalia and going to the Grammys as Fantasia would have distracted the process”

Something like that would have made people look at her like she is taking her career serious instead of whining about little things. She could really use a good PR professional.

But I wish the best of luck to Fantasia I am excited about seeing her as Mahalia!!!

Here is the video of her manager accepting her grammy (they put them all the way in the back)

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